Neptune Hub

A start of a new computing era

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Neptune Hub

With a powerful quad-core processor, as well as support for 3G/LTE, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and NFC, Neptune Hub is the world's first true personal computer.

Pocket Screen

Much like a mouse, a keyboard, or a computer monitor, the Pocket screen is simply an interface for your Hub. With a 5-inch capacitive touchscreen as well as rear and front-facing cameras, the Pocket screen gives you an experience that's equivalent to a smartphone.

Tab Screen

With a 10-inch capacitive touchscreen as well as a front-facing camera, the Tab screen gives you an experience that's equivalent to a tablet.

Tab Screen

Neptune Keys

Neptune Keys is a wireless keyboard that may be used on its own with the Dongle or paired with the Tab Screen to provide a true laptop experience.

Tab Screen

Tab & Keys

Open the metal ledge on Neptune Keys, insert your Tab screen, and you have a true laptop replacement.

Neptune Dongle

Neptune Dongle is an HDMI dongle that turns any existing computer monitor or TV into another screen for your Hub, allowing you to enjoy a full desktop or smart TV experience.

Neptune Dongle

Neptune Necklace

Neptune Necklace is a wireless pair of headphones, designed to be a fashionable necklace. No more constant untangling or wrapping headphone cords around your smartphone.

Neptune Necklace

Your Computing Life, Now Seamless

With Neptune Suite, you no longer need to sync between all your devices, as you're always using the same computing hub, just on different screen sizes. You may also start an application on one device, and seamlessly transition to another. No need to go through the hassle of relaunching any apps or worrying about your progress.

As personal files and apps are always on your wrist, a lost or stolen device no longer means lost or stolen data. Devices are much cheaper as well, as they don't have all the expensive computing and connectivity components anymore.

A New Bare Minimum

Neptune Hub allows you to make calls, send messages, stay connected with your social networks, track fitness stats, and much more, all directly on your wrist - all on its own. Your Pocket screen is now optional; carry it with you only if it's really needed.

Lightning Fast Messages

Neptune Hub allows you to send short messages in a simplified way. With Contact Slide, a pressure sensor strip on the side of the Hub, you may access any recent contact in a single action, by simply sliding your finger on the strip and pressing harder when you see the right contact highlighted. Then, you may choose to either quickly scribble a message, or simply use your voice to send a short snippet. Voice dictation is also supported.

Lightning fast messages

Superb Battery Life

Your Pocket screen and your Tab screen double as a battery juice packs for your Hub, recharging it when it needs more power. With a combined capacity of 10,800 mAh, Neptune Suite can easily last multiple days of usage on a single charge without needing to use any wall outlets.


Total capacity: 10,800 mAh

Charger To Go

Neptune Necklace is a wireless necklace headset that doubles as a charging cord. With 3 charging points, it allows you to charge up to 3 devices, including the Necklace itself, all at once using a single power outlet.

The World’s Most Advanced OS

Neptune Suite runs on Android Lollipop, allowing you to experience all the apps you know and love, right on your wrist and on all your other screens.


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